It's time to save

Few people like it when the day gets shorter. But this has its advantages. The dark time of the day, cold winds make us come home faster in warmth and comfort. Cool weather can cool the streets and your overspending, if you properly treat this weather and your finances.

Reduces the cost of debit and credit cards


Many studies show that in small stores and small restaurants, the number of checks decreases in the evening in the winter season. It also reduces the cost of debit and credit cards.

Some people, on the contrary, begin to spend more money on rash purchases in the winter season because, because of the cold and darkness on the street, they do not go home, but go to a store or cafe.

Not to waste your household money

Not to waste your household money

So, it’s time to pull yourself together and learn how to control yourself so as not to waste your household money in vain.

Rumor has it that even daylight saving time was invented so that people have an extra hour in the daytime to walk longer and spend more money. But many non-food stores do not have enough summer “mining” to counter the fall in demand, which begins in the fall.

In addition to the short day and darkness, the population begins to spend less money due to weather conditions, during which you just want to stay at home in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The state does not like when small weather collapses occur in the form of a large amount of precipitation, snowstorms and icing of roads. Besides the fact that the costs of cleaning the streets and eliminating the consequences are growing, revenues from the sale of goods and services are sharply reduced.

The most affected clothing stores, furniture, appliances and the like. They all have a budget that depends on regular foot traffic and a steady stream of sales.

It has been scientifically proven that most people have decreased activity in the winter season. Judge for yourself: when you go home in the dark, there are traffic jams on the roads due to ice – you don’t really want to get out of the car to go to the next store. And being in the store, you try to go through the cashier as quickly as possible in order to manage to bypass the traffic jam and quickly get home.

In the summer, on the contrary, you can happily stroll after work in bright light in the open-air shopping complex and leisurely look after a few new things.

Cost of travel and the loss of extra time

Cost of travel and the loss of extra time

The exception, of course, are the holidays, when most of the money of the entire population of the country turns out to be at the cash desks of various stores. But again, you can save on gifts and New Year purchases, if you stay at home and arrange shopping on the Internet. The huge choice in the network allows you to choose cheaper goods, not to mention reducing the cost of travel and the loss of extra time.

The extra time at home, along with your wallet, which lies safely in the closet, will help you maintain your household budget and start 2018 in the right economic direction.