Colorado State Wants to Help Pay for Your Marriage


For most engaged couples, getting married isn’t cheap, but the state of Colorado wants to help cover some of that expense.

The Meetings and Events Incentive

The state has implemented a new program called the Meetings and Events Incentive which offers 10% cash back to people organizing meetings and events in Colorado over the next 18 months. Eligible events include business meetings, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, consumer shows, festivals, concerts and weddings. Discounts can range from $ 3,500 to $ 100,000.

The goal of the program is to “accelerate the recovery of the tourism industry” in the state and encourage event planners to host their events in Colorado rather than a neighboring state. In case you were wondering, the money to fund this program comes from the 2019 county accommodation tax revenue and a specific amount has been allocated to each county.

What costs are eligible for reimbursement?

To be eligible for cash back, the total fixed costs for the event or meeting must be at least $ 35,000. Eligible material costs include entertainment, rental of event spaces or rooms, rental of events such as tables and chairs, food and drink, excluding alcohol, and support audiovisual equipment such as microphones, screens, Internet access and other specialized audiovisual equipment.

How to request a rebate

Applications must be submitted online at least 45 days before the event unless it takes place before September 2021. For events taking place between July 2 and September 15, applications can be submitted no later than 21 days after the event.

The bottom line

If you’re not going to spend at least $ 35,000 on your wedding or special event, don’t even bother to apply. But, if you can show the minimum threshold of $ 35,000 in eligible fixed costs, your cash back would be $ 3,500.

Getting married can be expensive – and so can the wedding itself. But, if you can save a few thousand dollars on the cost of your wedding, this will be a great way to start your new life. With this new rebate program, you may be able to use that cash rebate to help fund your honeymoon – or make a down payment on your new home.

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