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Big Board Schlepper


Big Board Schlepper

The Big Board Schlepper is one of the most popular Stand Up Paddle Board Carrying Strap & Sling. The Big Board Schlepper is a simple, inexpensive solution for you to carry your SUP.

Big Board Schlepper Features:
  • Extra large and thick should pad
  • Loops to hold paddle, allowing paddle to be used as a handle
  • Neoprene non-slip pad keeps boars from sliding out
  • Shock absorbing system makes long walks easy
  • Easy adjustable clip on/clip off straps for different size boards (up to 71" circumference) 

Carrying Case Features:  

  • Large Mesh Pocket to carry Schlepper
  • Bungee for water bottle
  • Key loop and added pockets

If the walk to the water is going to be a long one, the Big Board Schlepper is the perfect choice for you SUP. The Schlepper is an adjustable, over the shoulder board sling to help you get your stand up paddle surfboard from your home to the beach using as little energy as possible. Save your energy for the water, invest in the Big Board Schlepper.  When headed out to the water, simply place your Schlepper into the carrying case.

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